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Sunday, April 07, 2013

Original Soundtrack Faith, The Great Doctor

Soundtrack Faith, The Great Doctor

Part 1 

Part 2

  • Shin Young Jae - Walking Slowly/Because My Step Are Slowly  [Download] 

Part 3

  • Jang Hye Jin & MC Sniper - Bad Guy  [Download]
  • Faith (Main Title - String Ver.)  [Download]
  • I am Woodalchi (Great Big Choi Young)  (Inst.)  [Download]
  • Smile (Lovely Face Eun Soo)  (Inst.)  [Download]
  • Sadness (PF String Ver.)  (Inst.)  [Dowload]
  • Move & Run (String Ver.)  (Inst.)  [Download]
  • The Dangerous Time (Choral Ver.)  (Inst.)  [Download]

 Part 4

 Part 5

 Part 6

 Part 7

 Various Artist

  1. Ali - Carry On  [Download]
  2.  Shin Young Jae - Walking Slowly/Because My Step Are Slowly  [Download]
  3.  Jang Hye Jin & MC Sniper - Bad Guy  [Download]
  4.  Sung Hoon - I See You  [Download]
  5.  Young Jun - Song Of Wind  [Download]
  6. One Piece - Because It's You  [Download]  
  7.  Faith (Main Title - Choral Ver.)  (Inst.) [Download]
  8.  I am Woodalchi (Great Big Choi Young)  (Inst.)  [Download]
  9. White Night  (Inst.)  [Download]
  10.  Knife Wind  (Inst.)  [Download]
  11. Witchprayer   (Inst.)  [Download]
  12. Worry Of Afraid  (Inst.)  [Download]
  13. Missing You  (Inst.)  [Download]
  14. Happy Dance  (Inst.)  [Download]
  15. You & Me  (Inst.)  [Download]
  16. The Dangerous Time  (Inst.)  [Download]
  17. Move & Run (Original Ver.)  (Inst.)  [Download]
  18. The Palace Story  (Inst.)  [Download]
  19. Dancing In The Moonlight  (Inst.)  [Download]
  20. Smile (Lovely Face - Eun Soo)  (Inst.)  [Download]
  21. Sadness (PF String Ver.)  (Inst.)  [Download]
  22. The Blade On Red Moon  (Inst.)  [Download]
  23. Shadow Man  (Inst.)  [Download]
  24. Attack Point  (Inst.)  [Download]
  25. Moon Of The Princess  (Inst.)  [Download]
  26. Tears Of Soldier  (Inst.)  [Download]
  27. Forever (Carry On - PF Ver.)  (Inst.)  [Download]
  28. Flower Garden  (Inst.)  [Download]
  29. The Justice  (Inst.)  [Download]
  30. Trick  (Inst.)  [Download]
  31. War Of The Fire  (Inst.)  [Download]
  32. Old Market  (Inst.)  [Download]
  33. Bloody Worrior  (Inst.)  [Download]
  34. Bad Table  (Inst.)  [Download]
  35. I Am Woodalchi (String Ver.)  (Inst.)  [Download]
  36. Move & Run (String Ver.)  (Inst.)  [Download]
  37. Faith Main Titel (Main Title - String Ver.)  (Inst.)  [Download]

Note : 
Jika ada link erorr atau valid, tolong di info ya, thanks.....


  1. thanks a lot for posting the ost. of faith :)
    btw, i found the link "Younha - Tears Drop" just link to the inst. not to the song..but the others are good, thx

  2. Replies
    1. kak mau tanya,judul lagu ending nya di episode 24 apa ya?

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Thanks so much for sharing, it helped me a lot.

  4. Lengkap soundtracknya.😍gampang jg downloadnya.thx ya👍

  5. obrigada! Amei este seriado e as músicas são lindas!

  6. Thanks alot for sharing. I really fell in love with this drama...

  7. Thank you for these beautiful osts. never really appreciate lee min ho in dramas but Faith is different. i fell for that beautiful couple!

  8. Ahhhh thank you very much for share :* :* :*

  9. Makasih banyak yaaa

  10. I love all these songs in this drama. Specially Walking slowly and Carry on

  11. kerenn....aku suka banget film ini, kenapa ya Lee Min Ho cocok banget memerankan pria cool, lembut, setia, kesepian...

  12. Daebak....kereeeennn abissss


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